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"Clovis to Coal"

The most exciting display added this year is "Clovis to Coal".  This is an 11,000 year community identity project that was constructed in the Rock Room from panels depicting an in-depth history of the Musselshell Valley.  The project was designed and implemented by Dr. Larry Lahren, archaeologist and owner of Anthro Research in Livingston, MT. and his staff.  The exhibit includes replicas of stone tools and bow and arrows, created by master craftsman Bill McConnell, founder of the Past Skills Wilderness and Tracking School in Bozeman. 

This project was made possible by contributions from individual donors, the Musselshell Valley Community Foundation, the local school system, and a private memorial. 

Read more in the "Clovis to Coal" Brochure


Theses are just some of the displays that are included in the "Clovis to Coal" exhibit.  Each allows you a walk through time to witness the evolution of the Musselshell Valley area and its surrounds.